Ripping a DVD to a PC for free?

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Hello, I wondered whether there was some kind soul out there who made a DVD ripper for the PC, that allows me to import my own DVD's, and then convert them, and add the files to my nee 60gb 5G iPod?

I have nero, if that can be of use....thank you.


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    DVD decoder (Windows)

    MacTheRipper (Mac OS X)

    QT Pro (for making iPod versions of your ripped movies, but remember that it may take 20 hours for an entire movie to be encoded)
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    It's DVD Decrypter. Not Decoder.

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    whoops! my bad.
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    kotatsukotatsu Posts: 1,010member
    Yeah, DVD Decrypter works fine. It looks a little complex on the surface, but there are tutorials out there which walk you through it.

    And for iPod video conversion, Videora is all you need.

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