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I just bought a Powerbook about two weeks ago and love it. It is incredibly fast and it rocks.

I just called Crucial to buy more RAM. The gentleman I spoke with explained that both memory slots have to be the same RAM... so if you have 512 in one slot, you have to have 512 in the other slot.

Is this true? You can't have 1 GB in one slot and 512 MB in another? That was the configuration I was looking for, but apparently you can't do that.

My other question is do you think 1 GB is enough or should I have gotten 2 GB. The gentleman said the 2 GB would be roughly between 10-30% faster using certain applications.

I'm pretty much using it right now for Final Draft, some Photoshop, Final Cut Pro and soon to be Dreamweaver. Thanks


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    Mr. Crucial boy has no idea what he's talking about. He's probably stuck along the lines of "DDR2 must run in pairs." This is not the case for the new PowerBooks. I have the original 512mb in the top slot and a 1gb that I added myself in the bottom slot. Works great!
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    I figured as much... it didn't make sense but I got a little worried when he told me that. I checked on my Powerbook and it has 512 MB on one slot and nothing on the second slot. He said it should have 256 and 256 in each slot.

    Thanks for the help!
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    It's odd for Crucial, of all places, to give bad advice. If you check out their website, I'm sure you'll get a different answer.
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