After mini has been on a long time, the screen appears garbled and requires a reboot

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I recently purchased a mini for my wife to use here at home (trying to get her to switch) to see if she likes the experience. So far so good except for a problem that started the other day.

If the computer sits for an extended amount of time, remaining on for that time period, with the display sleeping, when the displa wakes up the screen is all messed up and blurry. This has happened twice over the past three days and is very annoying.

I know this is not normal since I leave my mini at work and iMac at home on 24/7 never turning them off.

So, anyone expereience anything like this before? I am going to call apple Monday and talk to them about it and see what they say but I was hoping to get some feedback from users here who may have had expereience with this before.



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    dfilerdfiler Posts: 3,420member
    "messed up" ... What do you mean by that exactly?

    It sounds like a hardware problem off the top of my head. Explain what messed up means and we can likely point you in the right direction.
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    aplnubaplnub Posts: 2,584member
    It is hard to describe. Pixelatted, small text is unreadable, very blurry. The problem is corrected with a restart.

    I will snap a picture next time it hapens and post back.
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    You might try putting the Mini to sleep then cycling power on the display and then waking the mini again.
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    maccrazymaccrazy Posts: 2,657member
    Sounds like a display, graphics card or wiring problem. Check all of these. I.e. use a different monitor and see if it happens, check if properly plugged in, if it still does it talk to Apple.
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