powerbook sleep/freeze issue

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
pb Ti-800 rev b

running 10.4.3

quite frequently when the machine goes to sleep (lid closed)

& then woken up (lid opened) the system is running but my keyboard

doesnt work at all, so im forced to hold down the power button

& do a hard reboot

anyone else run into this & is there a fix ?

diags & profiler show the hardware is fine


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    About a year ago I saw similar issues with my 1.25GHz 15" Al PB. Once a month or so it would freeze somehow on waking from sleep. It went away after the next OS update. I haven't had this problem in ages. Am now running 10.4.3.

    You might want to try an archive and install and start the OS from scratch.

    Just thinking out loud, I wonder if the battery is an issue? Are you still using the original battery? It may somehow be pulling down the system just enough at wakeup to cause a problem. You could try taking the battery out and just running from the AC supply for a while to see if it makes a difference.

    When the keyboard seems frozen have you tried plugging in an external USB keyboard?

    One trick I've seen help sometimes when the system seemed frozen was to close the lid and put it back to sleep and then wake it up again.
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