Syncing, iPod File Barrier

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
One of the biggest problems I have with my Music and Photos, music espessialy though, is syncing them so I have to same files on multiple computers. If I buy a song from iTunes on one, it's not on the other or If I rip songs from a CD on one, it's not from the other. It would be great if iTunes had a feature to sync multiple computer's music over a network, and maybe in 10.5 other files and documents like photos, etc.

Also, I'm not quite sure I get the logic of having iPod songs locked inside the iPod. If I want to transfer my music from one computer to another, given any intent, I can just copy the files to the iPod as a folder in the HD. If they are iTunes Music Store files, they would have to be authorized to play, and if they were regular MP3/ACC files, such as from those ripped from CD's, there are other ways of illegaly transfering music, like using iPod has an HD or from a CD. Why not just unlock the iPod to allow back and forth transfering.
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