xgrid question

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I was looking at Xgrid, and want to know if somebody uses it at home?..

Would it be possible to "combine" a powerbook and a powermac, so that whenever the powermac is idle, his processor is used to help the powerbook (assuming that both are connected to the same wireless router)..

Would this only work with special software, or would it be possible to use more computers even on simple tasks (like iTunes or other basic SW)?

If this would work on a OS level, old computers could live a lot longer!.. imagine having a 500MHz notebook, which actually uses the Quad G5 to make calculations, whenever one is available!.. :-)


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    hirohiro Posts: 2,663member
    xGrid requires software coded to use it, and it's promise is in heavy duty computation, not everyday tasks. Basic design and operation laws of von Neumann computers still apply.
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