is anyone else hitting the used/refurb models 'cause of the scratching?

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so, my wife and i have been shopping for an ipod for her for the past month or so. we kept changing our minds and had the hardest time deciding. this was her situation, and how she felt when trying to pick one (for us $10k/year people, this is a major purpose):

iPod Nano: first thought: too small! afraid it will break. i of course said, no apple wouldn't design something that would break. then the issues of screen cracks and massive scratching came up. my wife likes to keep everything in tip-top shape and was worried that even with a case her iPod was destined to get scratched. Simply not an option.

iPod 5G/Video: almost hit buy on this one. despite the larger screen, we were again seriously concerned with scratching issues. people are reporting that literally taking it out of the case scratches the thin plastic. plus, she doesn't like the new hard corners.

iPod 4G/Photo: almost bought this one too, but had a hard time justifying it since used prices are still so high. I guess this is because people don't want the 5G for maybe the reasons above. couldn't find a good deal, plus she says she won't need all that capacity.

iPod Mini: this is the one! reports online say the aluminum shell is very durable, plus there are already some good cases on the market for it. she wishes the screen were color so it didn't look like "an old green computer" but she decided she won't be looking at the screen that much anyways. we bought the refurb from the apple store for $212. waiting around could have possibly yielded a better price, but she didn't want to risk it running out of stock. plus, it's available in pink!

i asked her if the 4gb nano were the same price, if she'd pick that. she said no way!


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    I find it amazing that many people are so worried and even paranoid about the scratching on the new iPods. They really don't get scratched. I bought a nano the day it came out, havn't had a case for it, and it still looks perfect. Very few scratches that are only noticable in the right light and definitely nothing that is noticable at all on the screen. It really isn't an issue on either the 5G or nano. I don't even treat it that good, carry it in my pocket nearly everywhere, don't treat it with a whole lot of extra care either. In addition, the new iPods (including nano) all come with cases now so you can always use those as well.

    I really don't think people should worry so much about the scratches just because of all of the press it has been getting. You don't hear about all of the people whos iPods are working great because they don't have any complaints. It's very one-sided. Just my 2 cents on the issue.
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    I've just sent my 5G iPod back to Apple for replacement due to the scratching. I had a 4G before it and used it daily. After a year the back had a few scrapes, but the front looked pretty good. With the 5G after 3 weeks the front was going foggy as the amount of scratching was so ridiculous.

    I used Apple's case for it, which incidentally, scratches the iPod despite being very soft. And it had a very mild and safe life - sat on my desk beside me at my computer all day. Thing is, it's a finger print magnet (I went for the black one!), and wiping those finger prints off, even with a very, very soft microfibre polishing cloth scratches the screen. Heck if your thumb runs wide of the clickwheel the surfaces scratches.

    When I called Apple they were very good about it, said it was a common problem and would replace it with no questions asked. Must be costing them a fortune. All they need do is go back to the same lacquer they used on the 4Gs.

    When my replacement 5G comes back I'm sticking a screen protector (one of those full body ones) on it before it ever gets used.

    I should just say though that despite the scratching issues it is a wonderful device, leagues ahead of the old 4Gs (especially mine, which was a black and white one). The high-res screen makes long song and album names easy to read, album art looks great, and the video stuff is a nice bonus. Using a free convertor called Videora I loaded it with TV shows, music videos, and anime which is a useful way to pass a boring lunch break.

    I'd go for a 5G, but in white and buy a screen protector in advance of the thing arriving,
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