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Ok, I just got a new 12 inch powerbook (i love it!) here is my question. I want this to last for a while, here is my question. If I set my engery setttings to factory specs, and the screen dims after a while, and then the screen goes off, and then some time it goes to sleep. It seems to me that the screen dimming, then going full blast, then dimming, etc, etc all day long as I use it, and take breaks would wear the system down faster then just leaving the screen on all the time. I know if it is not plugged into power cord it would run the batt down faster, but I am just really scared that this is going to make my screen and hard drive go out faster with all the dimming and going to sleep. What do you all think about this, I want this to last long, and I want it well taken care of.



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    LCD panels.... dimming is good as it decreases the heat from the backlight. Better yet is having the screen turn OFF (backlight goes out entirely). You'll do better to keep the heat down, than to avoid dimming/brightening the screen often.
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