VirtualPC 5.0.2 wow!

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Dunno bout you all but on my iBook 14" 600Mhz 384MB ram, WindowsMillenium just became usable!!!

You wanna know whats really great? Browsing through VPC is almost the same speed as browsing on OS X.... oh, wait... is that good or not? Well, seeing OS X browsing experience sucks (performance in general too) I would say thats pretty bad for OS X... good for VPC.

In other news I finally downloaded Opera 5... holy CRAP is it fast... best browser yet.


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    kaboomkaboom Posts: 286member
    Yeah, wow!

    I tried to run VPC5 after updating and it told me that my Win2kPro image was either corrupt or incompatible with this version of VPC, when it worked fine with VPC 5. Nice update. Glad I didn't do any important work on my disk image.
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    Yeah, Windows 2000 flies after this update, and it was already decent before.
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    *cough* another thread <a href=""; target="_blank">here</a> *cough*

    Yeah, this is a great update, but I do have one complaint. It killed any media playback for me. See the other thread for details. I'm not too worried or upset about it, though.
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