USB WiFi dongle for PowerBooks

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With the release of Mario Kart DS for the Nintendo DS yesterday, I've been playing the hell out of it online and love it. Because I have fairly long breaks at university, I'd like to squeeze in some MKDS action when I have nothing else to do (finished HW, no upcoming tests, etc).

Unfortunately, university WiFi connections aren't accessible with a DS, so I decided to use my PowerBook as a hotspot. I need a USB WiFi dongle that I can use for the PowerBook to connect to the university WiFi and then use the Airport card via Internet Sharing to connect to my DS.

Nintendo's released a USB WiFi dongle officially, but it's only compatible with WinXP (boo). So, are there any Mac-compatible USB dongles out there that I can use? Thanks a lot! =)


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    Keep in mind... you've also got a PCMCIA slot for wich there are several WiFi cards.
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    For the 12"? (thanks for the reply BTW)
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    Originally posted by FireEmblemPride

    For the 12"?

    oh ... i guess the 12" doesn't have that option.

    There are certainly plenty of USB dongles out there, no reason why they shouldn't work on your mac, but I couldn't say for sure.
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