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Ok, I just want to challenge this "Way beyond the Rumor Sites" claim by taking stock of what has been proposed on this site in the recent past. I know the iPod was off our radar screens, but I highly doubt that Apple will be able to come up with something we want that we haven't thought of. So, sweeping them together in broad categories, these are the one's I can think of...

1. iPAD (pen based computer)

2. new Apple PDA

3. Digital media hub (PVR, DVD, mp3, etc... for your home theater/stereo system)

4. OSX on x86

5. Redbox

6. thin clients

7. Really easy and automatic clustering

8. Mergers/alliances (Disney, Nintendo, etc...)

9. Wearable Mac

10. iPliances - ( ex. DV camera with Apple's touch)

11. LCD iMac

12. Really fast G4/G5s

Did I miss any?

P.S. I'm betting on #1 & 11, hoping for #3, would be impressed with any of the above, and am afraid, quite frankly, of anything not on the list.


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    I dont think its fair to say "iPliances" and then only give a camcorder as an example. we should list some more possibilities for these types of devices.

    So, how about an MPEG4 based movie appliance? Or maybe Tivo type device based on MPEG4.

    Any other ideas for these so called iPliances?
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    You forgot two:

    1): Pi... Cubes IN SPACE

    2): My own: New long term strategy presented that will alter something about we take for granted today about computers (I know. Pretty vague but point is: No product now or only the first in a serie of new kind of computing product)


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