problems reading external hd

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I purchased a usb box for the old 6 gig hard drive out of my old ibook.

When i connected it to my imac it read it fine until I erased it. Now nothing at all. It can still see the drive but it won't mount. I am wanting to use this as a jump drive mainly to cary my itunes music to work. I used disk utility to erase the drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    How can you see the drive? but not mount it? Do you have file system on it? Create file system to it in DiskUtility.
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    I can see the drive using system profiler, but the drive will not mount on my desktop or antwhere else. It mounted fine before I erased it but now it doesn't show up.
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    Showing up in System profiler doesn't still necessarily mean a thing, just that the mac sees something in the end of cable, but after that it needs to know how to use it. Drivers should take care of that, but allways they can't. There can be many things causing that. And the problem can be in either end of cable. Firstly what I would try to do is get the drive show up in DiskUtility, if that doesn't work, try connecting it to a another computer. If that doesn't work there is fair change that the drive is broken.
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    If you have a spare cable you could also try swapping the cables around as it may also help.

    I have had a similar problem myself and this is the one thing that helped me to get the drive to mount again.

    You could also try changing the usb port that it is connected to on your mac to see if that also makes any difference.

    I hope this is of some help and good luck with getting it working again.

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