5th generation Ipod voice recorders?

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Hi everyone its my first post here but I have been lurking for a while.

Does anybody know when and if a voice recorder will be released for the 5th generation ipod? I currently have an imac G5 and I am planning on buying a new ipod and using it to record my lectures at university then putting the lectures on my imac but there are not any 5G compatible voice recorders out yet.

I know both Griffin and Belkin make voice recorders for the ipods before the 5G versions, does anybody have any experiance with them? which tends to be better?


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    I would also like to know. Does anyone know if there are any plans to bring new ones out?
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    Well the problem is that they old voice recorders used the remote port next to the audio jack. The G5 iPods no longer have this port. I imagine that they can do the same thing using the data port, but this is a totally new design. I'm sure they will be out pretty soon.
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    Just before the 5G ipod was announced, I had ordered the 4G ipod with the Griffin iTalk mic together. The main reason for ordering the 4G ipod was to be able to record my shakuhachi lessons. Up until now, I've been using a MD recorder with external mic attached to record lessons and have been using this for about 7 years now and works perfect, it's just that I saw the italk/ipod combination and thought it be a good time to "upgrade". Ooh was I disappointed!

    First of all, the day the 5G ipod is announded, I get an email from Apple saying that they would be automatically upgrading my order from the 4G to the 5G model. I wanted to know whether italk would still be compatible with the 5G model and they told me no so I asked them to send me the 4G model, as I mainly wanted that recording capability. They said they no longer had stock of the 4G model (this is on the day the 5G is announced!). So I said O.K, cancel the order then. I went and picked up 4G from an electronics store and ordered the italk through Apple.

    ANYWAY, the iTalk is extremely disappointing! After using it a couple of times, I have gone back to my trusty 7 year old MD recorder.

    The problem with the iTalk is that it only records at 8kHz hence is extremely flat. I think the Belkin also only records at 8kHz. Griffin says "record crystal clear audio" on its website...my backside. One thing I will give the italk credit for is because of the flatness, I sound like a pro on the shakuhachi as all my mistakes (I like to call them nuances) are taken out!

    I don't know where the problem lies, whether it's the mic or the ipod itself. A friend mentioned it could be the A/D converters in the ipod...who knows? I say it probably is the ipod as I connected my external mic through the italk into the ipod and tried recording that way but that made absolutely no improvement whatsoever. Rather, the quality decreased.

    If quality is your thing, save yourself the money. If the Belkin has the same recording specifications as the italk, then I don't see there would be any difference between the 2.
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    I see Griffin have taken the iTalk off their homepage...maybe they're about to release a new version?
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