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I have a 17" Powerbook and have only had it for about 10 months. I was charging the battery while I was using it and noticed that my % used was dropping instead of charging. I looked at the power adapter ring and normally it should be glowing amber, but it is blinking green. It won't charge the battery. I tried changing outlets, letting it sit idle, restarting, doing a shut down and nothing seems to work. It just keeps blinking.

Does anyone know what might have happened? I only have 30% left on the battery and I need to do work. Since there is only 30% left I want to be sure I can transfer files to my G5 if this is going to be a long fix.


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    zoranszorans Posts: 187member
    As well as being the power adaptor it can also be the plug terminal on your PB. Dry joints or damage from plug insertion/removal can also cause that problem.
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    My PB is still under warranty. Is this something that is best just taken into the local Apple store or is this something I can take care of over the phone. It seems as though someone is going to have to physically look at it to make a decision.

    I am hoping it is the power supply because was charging not being moved, and all of a sudden it quit.

    Could a surge cause this to happen?
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    When I speak to the support people they tend to value experienced user feedback and act on that. So if you say "The led in my adaptor is blinking green and not charging. I borrowed another power adaptor to see if that was the problem and it worked with that one" you´ll have yor new adaptor in the mail a lot faster than if you hadn´t checked it (if thats the problem). So go to any store with powerbooks/a friend and check it out before you call them.

    Btw next time, use "Genius Bar" for this kind of questions
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    Mine does that too, but it still charges the battery.

    Problem is that the plugs and cords of the adaptor are way too fragile.

    My plug is bent (yeayea user abuse...) so the contacts in the plug will or won't toch each other, that's why your led is flashing.

    In my case the power leads are not affected.

    Try to insert the plug and then twist it around in the socket, I can position mine so that my led works without blinking (the green one only).

    If this doesn't help get a new adaptor and be carefull with it...

    Such a great computer bundled with a expensive flimsy built adaptor,

    which u need, so U will buy...

    Easy money...

    for me, if my current apple-adaptor let's me down, I'll buy a 3rd party adaptor.

    Hope this helps
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