iTunes 5 using seperate rating star for different uses?

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hey all,

i remember previously that in iTunes if two different people as the same song in their library (coming from the same source ie, the same file) it would only let there be one rating between them both. So that if one rated it @ 1 star, that's what the other saw too.

Now this isn't the case, or so it seems. the ratings are independent of the original file, right?

that;s all


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    I don't know anything about different users getting their own rating and stuff, but yeah, iTunes does not (and I don't think they ever did) store the rating, last play, play count, etc. in the audio file.

    Rather, this info is stored in a separate file [iTunes Music Library.xml] and [iTunes Library.itl]
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    hmm, maybe i was wrong then. But i swear mum once gave one of my favourite songs a crap rating and it showed up here. Maybe not.

    Oh well.
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