New model for content distribution?

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014

on a proposed new way to distribute music and videos. The idea is that rather than buy the song/video, you would buy the rights to the content. That way you could redownload the content in any format you wanted:


Imagine if you went to a music site to buy a single download for 99 cents, but instead you were offered the option to purchase the perpetual right to that song. With this right, you could download the song to your PC, your iPod, or your cell phone in whatever format was appropriate. And if you got a new computer, or if the digital-rights-management software protecting the file changed one day, you wouldn?t need to buy the song again. Your rights to the song would be stored online. Pay once, and it would be yours forever. If you lost it, you?d just download it again. Or you could share the song with a friend, or even resell it, depending on what rights you bought.

On the surface I love this idea. What are the downsides that any of you can think of?


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