speakers and headphones?

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Okay, so I would like to set up my audio in a specific way. I would like to set it up so the internal speakers do not turn off when I plug in headphones. Can this be accomplished? How?


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    zfmtzfmt Posts: 53member
    btw: i have a g5 imac
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    justinjustin Posts: 403member
    Does your Mac have a loop monitoring facility?

    No - unless you're willing to play around with the electronics.

    One way around it to to hook your Mac upto a hi-fi system and then split the output in the pre-amp section so that you can do tape monitoring (for the earphones) and listen to the Mac on the hi-fi speakers.

    That's as close as I can think of to meeting your goal, although with the small hopeless internal speakers which come with the Mac, I can't see any way to use the earphone 3.5mm jack and maintain the speaker output simultaneously - your computer isn't hard-wired with that loop facility.

    Good luck.
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