Canon cd printiing crippled?

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Why are Canon cd printing capapbility crippled? The tray is there. It's obvious. Why? I prefer Canon printers. I could go with Epson 210. But a low end printer as such doesn't need 6 ink cartridges! Overkill.


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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    I have a R200 and I prefer individual ink cartridges versus combined cartridges. There is much less wasted ink. Although the smaller cartridges hold less ink overall.

    Don't know much on canon printers. Can't help you there.
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    I remember "the epson guy" at compusa that told me something about canon not being able to do it in the USA for some reason.

    The remnants of the cd-printing tray is still there, you can pull down the flap and see a piece of black plastic covering a hole where the cd would go in. In fact, the printer CAN print on cd's. You just need to find the CD-printing tray, do a couple button combos on your printer to change the firmware into european mode, and install the printer driver/cd printing software.

    Quick search on ebay reveals you can buy the tray for 20 bucks

    This site talks about how to do the messing around with the printer drivers in 5 steps

    Hmm... maybe I should pick me up one as well... hehe

    Oh, and Canons use individual cartridges as well, clear ones at that with shiny red led's that shine through the bottom to see how much ink is in it

    Easiest things to refill in the world!
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    chuckerchucker Posts: 5,089member
    The reason for this is a Philips patent held in the US that's not valid in Europe. Thus, European Canon printers do have CD printing.

    More information.
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