Getting My AppleScripts menu back...

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I remember I read a post hear long ago on how to get Quicktime to show full screen...I downloaded the script and followed instructions to get an applescript menu(in the top right corner of desktop near the clock(bluetooth, airport menus ect).

I updated OS and did other things and now its can I get the menu back?

I am running the latest OSX on a powerbook 1.67 if that helps.


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    Applications > AppleScript > Doubleclick AppleScript Utility and check the box that says:


    Show Script Menu in menu bar

    as per the script itself:


    tell application "QuickTime Player"

    present front movie scale screen

    end tell

    note: my system looks like Rhapsodized, but I'm running 10.4.3. I just like the theme.
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