Steve Jobs Unveils Ipod Inviso

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Did any of you guys see Steve Jobs unveil the new Ipod Inviso on Satruday? Holy shit 8.5 million songs in such a small package!


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    ...what ARE you on?
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    haha yeah I saw it. They did the hands together action very accurately. You know, when steve jobs puts his hands together in front of his face when he pauses.

    They also did the pulling the ipod out of the small pocket of the jeans action pretty accurately too, a bit rushed but get's the point.
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    chuckerchucker Posts: 5,089member
    It was extremely lame. The idea was okay, but an obvious rip-off off "iPod flea". The execution was terrible.
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    I couldn't take my eyes off the iPod Micro.
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    I'm still waiting for the iPod Macro, coded named "Big ass momma".
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    What the hell are you guys talking about...
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    They did a skit on saturday night live making fun of Steve and the iPod. I thought it was pretty funny. There is a link to it somewhere in the AppleOutsider forum. I think the title is something like "Just in from SNL". The iPod inviso can hold 8 million songs and every picture ever taken
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    And don't forget...

    If you drop it, it floats in mid-air
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