iPhoto Question?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
So I'm using the latest iPhoto and erased everything in my library (about 600 pics) so I could make some HDD space. Before I did that though, I exported everything and burned my pictres to a CD, now I'm done needing the extra disk space and I'm trying to reimport the photos ... the problem came when I was browsing my Pictures folder. Everything in the folder is still tied to my old library for some reason. The year folders and the Album folders are all referencing my old iPhoto stuff and has ignored my new library setup (like new and or different album titles and new pictures...) ... is this just simply something I can solve by deleting the pref file ... any ideas???


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    Press the Option key and open iPhoto (while still pressing the Option key). It will ask you to create a new Library. Create a new Library, import all your photos there, and you're all set.
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