my iPod prediction for the future

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hey all,

i was sitting outside after spending the whole day inside editing my iTuns library and i began to think. If my iPod were capable of editing song information (such as genre, artist, track, etc) then i could be enjoying the beautiful weather outside.

So, im predicting that at some stage, future iPod's will have an OS that looks far more like iTunes and they'll have some kind of plug for a keyboard. I guess, that in theory this could work with the current iPods (with a firmware update) if a portable keyboard were developed for the data port.

With this feature it would mean that you could fully edit your music, but Apple could keep the sleek design of the iPod (because clearly you wouldn't want/need the keyboard everywhere you went).

Well that's it. Just thought i'd share my thoughts (even though they're not exactly ground breaking).

PS. it could also enable some kind of search function too


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    murkmurk Posts: 935member
    Why not Bluetooth?
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    ok. well i hadn't put that much thought into it. So perhaps it would be bluetooth. I thought of the wired option because they already have ports on the bottom.
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    I predict that the iPod will gain a video camera lens on it's backside. To compliment the new video iPod and
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    that's an interesting predection. It could be plenty of fun , but i doubt we'll see it soon.
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