For anyone interested in number theory...

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If you don't care about number theory, or more specifically, prime numbers, you can ignore this.

I am looking for anyone who would be interested in helping me port the program openpfgw to the Mac. This program performs primality tests on numbers up to more than 10,000,000 decimal digits in length. The program currently only runs on x86 as the FFT routines (and a couple of other small routines) are written in x86 assembler. Much of the rest of the code users GMP.

I'm looking for people with knowledge of how FFTs work and of PPC assembly language. The developers of openpfgw have told me that it shouldn't be too difficult to substitute a different FFT routine (maybe yeafft or ffftw, which are written in C) in place of George Woltman's assembler (the code behind Prime95 of the GIMPS project). There would probably be more work involved with hand coding of PPC assembler. This project is open source and the developers of the x86 version are willing to offer assistance on how openpfgw works, but as they don't know Mac, they can't (and thus won't) do the coding.

If you are interested in offering me some assistance, just respond to this thread.

For more information on this software, check out

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