What laptop HD to get?

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I want to change the HD in my IBook. It needs to be a 80 GB and preferally 5400 rpm. But besides that I haven´t got a clue.

So from the following list what is the best drive?



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    mikefmikef Posts: 697member
    I had the Hitachi 80GB 4200rpm drive installed in my 12" iBook recently. I stuck with 4200rpm in hopes of keeping heat levels acceptable and maintaining battery life.

    Performance seems better than the stock drive and I am very pleased with the upgrade.
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,225member
    Hitachi Travelstar.

    Laptop Logic just compared it against the Seagate and the Hitachi was better overall.

    Note: They were comparing 7200rpm drives.
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