completely dead ibook G3 - help?

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i would greatly appreciate any advice on this.

i have an ibook G3 700mhz from 2002. it has worked completely fine with no problems at all. in october i had the hard drives switched out (took out a larger one and reinstalled the orignal 20 gig hd) and at that time it was throrougly tested and no problems were found. last week it completely died - one day it just wouldn't start.

i took it to the repair shop on campus (i'm a graduate student) and they tried everything they could think of by removing or replacing a number of things including RAM, airport card, the keyboard, etc. they even connected a different power button to make sure the problem wasn't something as simple as that. they tested the computer without a battery and with a known-good battery. nothing they did made any difference. the computer doesn't even turn on. no fans spinning, no hard drive spinning, no beeps, chirps, grinding noises, or any other faint signs of life.

some have suggested it could be the logic board. i suppose that's true, however it was showing no symptoms of the known logic board problem - no horizontal or vertical lines on screen or system boots to black or grey screen. there has never been one damn problem with it at all until it just stopped turning on altogether. if it is the logic board, i'm past eligibility for the logic board extended repair program so i'd have to plunk down $300 and i'm not sure whether it is worth it on a machine this old...?

can anyone think of anything that hasn't been tried? the only thing the repair shop could think of was that they didn't remove the cable connecting the hard drive and cd drive. they would be surprised if that made a difference, and so would i. they are recommending that i give up and part it out, but i have a really hard time believing that it just suddenly died with no warning whatsoever.

i have a new ibook but i gave this old one to another starving grad student in october and i feel bad for her that this has happened. i want to make sure i'm not overlooking anything.

ideas anyone?


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    Press the area to the left of the trackpad together, then try and boot it. If that works (whether intermittently or not), then yes, you are suffering under the logic board problem, and unless you purchased your machine after November 23, 2002, you are out of luck regarding free repairs.
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