Bose, Etymotic, or Shure?

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I would like to get some noise reducing earphones for my iPod.

The brands I listed above sound like they are what I am looking for.

Would some folks who have tried out any of these please tell me how you found them to work?

There don't seem to be any places nearby where I can go and listen to some of these, or I have not found them yet.


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    I have owned my shure e3c and love them. i use the foam fitting and it really takes me to a whole new world. i bought my brother the e2c and i tried them and they are awsome. they are as good as mine, but just a little bit bigger.

    then the bose, i have tried the tripod or what ever it is they are called....they are pretty good, but extrmely big.

    another friend just got the bang and olufsen and they can be a bit uncofortable and heavy.....also unlike the shure these are are not noise isolating, which if you travel a lot or simply roam around noisy places, can bring their overall performance down.

    etimonics i have seen but never tried.

    i would seriusly recomend the shure... those guys really know their shit.....

    the other day i droped my shure in the parking lot(in the case they come in) it rained over night....i didn't realize until they other night....they were soaked...i let them dry and now they work fine.

    it takes a while to get used to the in ear fitting....but you will....

    the do have a downfall, after you switch to a quality headphone you won't be able to use anything

    hope this helped
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    i have a pair of SONY ex71 somethingor other... for a good 3 years cost £30 and im gonna get another pair SOON, and pass my pair on.

    i do a lot of travelling by bus, and the road noise is hellish after the second hour... so even with no music they are handy , but the sound quality is great, plenty of bass, sounds like an empty room with big speakers in, once you plug them in

    i know you didnt list them, but they are up there IMO .. also 16ohms (if i recall) and as most other makes of headphones seem to be 32ohms.. the SONYs would sound louder.. something to keep in mind either way... the lower the ohm rating the LOUDER the sound output... should that be important

    also, i do self hypnosis.. and use the ipod to fall asleep... these headphones are the BEST i have found for going in your ears and allowing you to sleep with them in.

    hope some of thats useful
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    Well, gentlemen(if I am mistaken here, pardon me),

    Thanks for the helpful reports on your own experience and what satisfaction you found with these goods.

    What I am looking for is something that has some worthwhile quality. I have wondered whether the Bose head phones may be a bit big, like if I want to go for a hike. Since I have not seen them nor tried them on, don't know. I know one friend of mine tried them, and that is what he plans to get. But the others like the Shure(thanks for the thoughts on them, hkbaq) and the Etymotic have things to commend them too.

    I am going to try to get away from business to go down to the Apple Store, which is about 230 miles away.

    Hopefully they will have these goodies there.

    Thanks for the input.

    If anyone else has some experience with any of these products, or the Etymotics, I would like to hear about it.

    Church of the black sun, hmm.
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    tmptmp Posts: 601member
    I got a pair of etymotic ER-6i's and I am extremely happy with them.
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