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I am having trouble in using my Internet Explorer for FTP. Fetch doesn't seem to help either. What's the better and easiest way to do ftp from my Apple Mac. I am using system 9.0

Can anyone help please!


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    Many people use <a href="http://fetchsoftworks.com/"; target="_blank">Fetch</a>, which is a great program. But for ease of use I think it's hard to be <a href="http://www.panic.com/transmit/about.html"; target="_blank">Panic's Transmit</a>. Both are shareware so try 'em out.

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    Why are you having trouble?

    Are you not able to connect, or do you just not know how to use FTP?

    Some networks ban FTP traffic, which could explain why you are not able to connect. There isn't much good reason to do this, so you might be able to talk to somebody in charge and get the port used for FTP unblocked. My old school did this, and the admins were too dumb to figure out how to open the port in their WindowsNT firewall.. ugh.

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    Also, i'm moving this thread to the Genius Bar forum..
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