PowerBook Aluminum defective ram slot

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for those of you who have aluminum 15" powerbook G4 and are not aware of this problem:

there is a faulty ram slot in the aluminum powerbooks.....it recently happened to me....my warranty just expeired 20 days ago....

"This is a petition to get recognition for the fact that many PowerBooks have a fault with the lower memory slot. Up until today, Apple does not fix this problem out of warranty or acknowledge that there might be a production fault in all recent 15? aluminium PowerBooks.

Some very unfortunate Apple customers have had this lower memory slot break and repaired - either within warranty or outside of it - and have had it break a second time, after an alledged fix. This leads us to believe that Apple does not know how to permanently fix this problem, or does not want to allocate the funds to do that."

this info is from :


a petition for apple to repare logic boards for free

what do you guys think?


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    Uhhh...this was a common problem back when they were first released. You should have taken care of it then when the problem first came to light. Apple even went out of its way to recognize this problem. This isn't recent.
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    Class Action against Apple.

    Apple have NOT 'gone out of their way' to resolve this problem. Had they they would now acknowlege that there is a problem, I have been tryong for over 6 months to get my PB fixed. Ring Apple and you will get the same answer, that they dont now of this problem, and a class action would not be needed would it.

    People you need to make yourself heard on this one. Not by just posting in forums, contact the firm below.

    US Law firm Wolf Popper LLP have just issued a class action against Apple Inc. for all of us who have this problem and Apple refuses to help and acnowledge there is a problem at all.

    In August 2005, we filed a class action complaint against Apple Computer, Inc. on behalf of all purchasers of Apple PowerBook G4 laptops alleging defects with the lower memory slot. In October 2005, defendant answered the complaint. There is an initial pretrial hearing scheduled with the Court on January 13, 2006. Prior to that, there is a meet and confer between the attorneys for the parties to discuss scheduling of discovery and other matters.

    People with this problem need to register with them and list the specific extent of the problem they are having.

    Got to: http://lowermemoryslot.editkid.com/ and follow the links!

    This is what we have been all waiting for! Viva the revolution!
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