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This problem has occurred on two different Apple machines. It occurs on Preview, Adobe Bridge, and Photoshop.

A friend has a Canon 20 D. I have a Nikon D1X. His raw Canon images work fine on his home computer, but come up scrambled on mine. My RAW Nikon images work fine on my computers. His images are fine on the viewfinder of his camera, both before and after they appear scrambled on mine.

The nature of the scrambling is that 80% of the thumbnails are fine, but 20% have a few bad lines at the bottom. However, nearly all of his images are blurred beyond recognition when enlarged to the working screen.

Footnote: In looking around, I find it said that Canon RAW is 6 megs large, while Nikon is 9 megs large, or 3 megs when compressed. This suggests to me there is some switch to tell these programs which type of RAW they are encountering, and somehow I can't find that switch, or it's automatic and jammed, or once it is set it doesn't know to reset itself. But that's just my floundering guess.


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    The Canon raw come is as .CR2 files. The format type is canon raw format with a size of 3504 x 2332 at 6.7 MB. I don't have the Adobe Bridge but I have opened mine in iPhoto, photoshop and Eos Viewer Utility and none of them have ever come out scrambled. Since it is coming out scrambled on yours and not his, my guess would be that you do not have the most current plug in for Photoshop . This is also the same plug in for Adobe Bridge. If you have iPhoto 5 it will import the canon raw but will change it from a .CR2 file to a .jpg file with a _1 behind the image #. It will also have the word RAW in a box in the lower menu bar. iPhoto 4 would not import these images into its library.

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    Thanks reg, but I doubt that is the problem. I'm using Photoshop CS2 with a plugin dated August 22, which I believe is 3.2. The reference you give shows both 20D and D1X to be included in 3.1. Is it possible there are undocumented improvements in the Beta version?
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