Architosh editor: Apple to buy 3d app/company

in Mac Software edited January 2014
The rumor, in Architosh's forums, is <a href=""; target="_blank">here</a>.

Summary: Apple is apparently thinking of snapping up a big-name 3D modelling/animating application. Maya and LightWave are both implied as possible acquisitions. Apparently, Pixar is hankering for LW's source code(?).

Apple is also making noises about CAD, although there are fewer details there.


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    Funny, I didn't even look.

    Apparently MacObserver didn't either. It's a hot forum topic over there.

    Ah well.
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    Look again folks...

    The only thing in that thread from Feb. 2001 is the date that the poster (an editor of the site) first joined the forum...

    The actual date of the post is lower down, in the bottom left side of the individual post...

    3 - 5 - 2002 11:22PM is the actual date of the post...

    Let's learn to read and process information properly...
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    What does LW have that Pixar needs? I do know what Pixar has and what Apple needs. Renderman.
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