Help! Quake3 broken !

in Mac Software edited January 2014
After a system crash, I had to reinstall system 9.2 on this old iMac. Now, Quake3 PR 1.31 freeze at statup, and gives me a black screen immediately after the yellow screen.

What's up ? What should I do ? I duplicated all the quake files to another folder, but it doesn't help. I'm pretty sure the .pk3 files are ok, not corrupted (or are they?).



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    fobiefobie Posts: 216member
    Try to reinstall everything (Quake 3), download the latest update from <a href=""; target="_blank">Versiontracker</a> and copy the .pk3 from your Q3 CD.
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    jutusjutus Posts: 272member
    It's a memory thing

    quake is taking up so much memory opengl can't load.

    increase your VM, or decreased your alloted quake memory.

    make sure you have 20 megs between total memory and quake memory for opengl.
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