Video card questions- run 3 monitors ?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I have 2 Mac G4's which I have recently upgaded to 10.4

G4 -350 / g4-dual 450

One was running dual monitors via a Matrox card and the

other via an ATI card. These are now history on OSX (previously

9.2.2 worked fine). Both were (are?) PCI cards.

The AGP cards which the G4's shipped with have dual outputs

DVI & VGA and I keep getting different explanations as to

whether or not these will run dual monitors just as they are

or whether they can only run one or the other output at one time.

One of the Gurus at the genius bar said they definitely can

run two monitors as this is what they are designed for, but

I am unable to make them work that way.

The local Mac dealer says they will never run 2 monitors

and I must buy another (ATI is the only one) card to run

any more monitors on OSX for my machines.

On the strength of the Guru's recommendation I bought a DVI

cable and tested it on various monitors and configurations

but could only get output from one or the other at one time

(DVI or VGA).

I actually hauled my computer to the store to test them.

Didn't want to buy another monitor before testing to see

that it works...

Does anyone know definitively if this can be made to work ?

If not are there any customers for a brand new DVI cable...

TIA for any help you may care to offer.

Many thanks for the read even if you can't help

from a snowy Toronto

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