brenthaven carrying case secret

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
Lots of post all the time about the best carry case fot the powerbook, but lots of you are put off by the high prices of the brenthaven.

so here is the secret, although not advertised you can call brenthaven or email them and tell them you want the replacement sleeve that comes with the backpak and shoulder case. it is custom fit for the powerbook and is only 29.95,

it is very nice and if you have an old backpak laying around it is all you will ever need. it even has a handle if you just wanted to use it as a breifcase style transport. shipping is high so your total price is closer to 38 but it is still a bargain for this.

hope this helps everyone, you'll be happy with it, I love mine. Scott is padded and has some kind of hard material for ultra protection and it weighs practically nothing


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