Nintendo DS/Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

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I need an easy Wi-Fi solution so I can get my Nintendo DS on-line (for Mario Kart DS of course). My Mac doesn't have an AirPort card and quite honestly - aside from my DS, I currently have no need to go "wireless".

I was thinking about getting a Wi-Fi USB "Dongle", but none of the ones I have seen appear to be Mac compatible (and since my machine only has USB 1.1, I'm a bit worried about the speed of the connection). Nintendo's own USB adapter is only available to Windows users. I have also looked at a few Wi-Fi routers, but since I don't have any experience with Wi-Fi, I really don't have any idea of what I'm looking at.

My question is: What route will be the most painless solution for me to take, USB Dongle or router? I just want something that will allow me to take my DS on-line, nothing more.


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    Wireless routers can be found for less than Nintendo's adapter, and will work with any ethernet/wifi equipment you decide to get.

    So to me it's a clear choice. Get the router.
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    Yeah- I have had very bad luck with WiFi USB adapters on the mac, if you want to use the mac as the wifi router go for the airport card, if not- get a router.
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