Did Radio Shack lie to me?

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Today I went into Radio Shack to get a new jump drive, I got a 512 mb scan disk on sale, and as I checked out, the guy are the register tried to get me to buy some batteries, as he did I said ?no thanks, but if you can give me a battery for my ipod I would take that.?

I said that jokingly, and he said that Radio Shack is an authorized company to replace batteries (for $50) and fix ipods, plus that the majority of ipods that are referbs go through them.

Now I didn?t believe this guy because, what to scruffy 20-somethings behind the counter at Radio Shack in the mall know? anyways, to get to my main reason for this post, is anything he told me true, or was he just trying to get more money from me?


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    could be true... they DO sell the things.
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    Best Buy sells them too, but they shouldn?t even do anything other then hand them the box from what I hear. Hell, Walmart has them, but they shouldn?t do anything to them, so I think selling them doesn?t qualify for anything.
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