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Ok, basically I worked on a keynote file for 5 hours, midnight till 5 am, and either was too overconfident with my mac or just too tired to realize that I had not saved. When I finally did decide to save, the application unexpectedly quit and I lost everything.....everything that I have to do again before 3 this afternoon.

I find it hard to believe that my keynote does not have an autorecover file creation feature but this seems to be the case. I am assuming the file is just sent to ram and once the app quit, the ram emptied.

I just need to know if the app creates any kind of cache or temp files, or if the disk writing (since i only have 512 ram and use multiple apps all the time, I know my comp writes to the disk for ram content as well) is able to have any recovery.

*ANY* help, no matter how small will be greatly appreciated.

thanks guys.


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    I believe that in the preferences pane, you can check a box that allows for a backup file to be created. Unless that was checked, though, you may be out of luck.

    If you think that the file is saved somewhere, but inaccessible, you may consider using Data Rescue. I'm literally using it right now for the first time and it's quite amazing. I'm using it on a drive that won't stay mounted, yet it's pulling data off it anyway... You can download a trial version and hunt for files before you buy anything, so maybe it's wortha try. (I'm not affiliated with them at all)
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    Thanks Ricksbrain,

    I did my presentation but was forced to create the whole thing over again and it was not as well-done as before. The weird thing is that keynote crashed about 6 more times but luckily I began my old habit of saving often.

    I will try that program you are talking about. Could be interesting to see what happens. The tech-support guy from Apple claimed that the keynote material went to RAM only and then was dumped but I think a program like that may be able to find something if keynote used my HD as a scratch disk. Still, having no auto-save, especially with today's larger hard-drives, is crazy.

    I almost feel like I am using windows again, so far the three computers I own with tiger have had troubles galore. Now I am saving frequently again, which I never did enjoy too much. Panther was wonderful though.

    by they way, I used to have problems with my external lacie drive just randomly disappearing from the desktop. It is better now but the cord has to be still a in certain positions. Is the problem you are having with a lacie drive as well?
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    That's too bad. I've been using keynote exclusively for well over a year and have never had anything like that happen to me before. I'm in grad school and also just used it on my dissertation proposal.

    I'm no computer expert, but have you considered dumping it and reinstalling? Windows has it's place, but seriously, Keynote is sweet (when it does what it's supposed to). Don't give up yet!
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