Driving Directions for iPod Video

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How perfect would it be to make the iPod video into a navigtion system. like the podquest, except you could have color maps and signs, like mapquest shows. then, everytime you get to a new direction you press the next button, and it says the next direction over your sound system, like miles, eta, next direction. any1 know of any existing program somewhat like this? cause apple should make it and package it with iTunes and have a sync to iPod feature in iTunes that links to mapquest. what do you think? would you buy one? i know i would


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    lupalupa Posts: 202member
    One of the biggest advantages with the navigation system in my paren'ts car is that the computer can sense the next turn coming and warn you ahead of time. So I'd think the biggest drawback to something like this is the iPod's lack of GPS. Also, if you were to navigate around city streets it would be a real distraction to have to constatnly press the button on the ipod and keep on the lookout for street signs etc. Altthough for basic high way stuff it could be quite nice, cool idea
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    would be interestng if someone made a gps attachments for the ipod, then it would work.

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