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Hey everyone,

I recently got interested in rendering animations when I downloaded a trial version of the Bryce5 graphics software. I have just rendered a 20 second movie of a futuristic landscape, and it looks fantastic. Trouble is, it took THIRTY hours to render.

Here are the details:

image format: Cinemascope

image dimensions: 800 x 300

polygons: approx 60,000

colors: 16.7 million

fps: 24

antialiasing: on

image definition: good (superfine is best)

Can anyone with a superfast system tell me how long a similar render would take them? I'm especially interested in figures for the Dual 1Ghz and the new iMac.

Thanks......I think!


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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    Bryce has one of the slowest renderer in the market. The speed is roughly 5 times to 20 times SLOWER than many high and mid end packages. No matter how fast your machine is it is still f*cking slow on rendering.

    A simple cube, sphere rendering at 800x600 still takes around 20-30 second to render vs like 2 or 3 seconds on other 3D apps.

    Also Bryce is NOT MP aware. So a Dual Ghz G4 is basically uselss.

    My advice. Use other 3D apps.
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    Dude, you were rendering a video at 800x300? I must ask... why such an odd size?

    Oh yeah, and Bryce sux0rs.
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    jousterjouster Posts: 460member
    It IS an odd size..... I just kinda liked that widescreen cinemascope look.

    So, given that Bryce is an inefficient renderer and that I only do this for a bit of fun, is there an affordable package that I could get instead that you recommend?

    I forgot to mention that I'm doing this on a 333Mhz G3 PowerBook for the moment.
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    3D Toolkit from DV Garage is a cheap way to get into ElectricImage Universe, which has the fastest/best looking renderer out of the box, bar none...

    Maya PLE (Personal Learning Edition) is FREE, but there are watermarks everywhere...

    Blender would have been a choice, but it is now defunct...

    Strata has a low cost (do they still have a free version) version of their stuff...

    Hash Animation Master is a lower cost program, and I have seen some nice stuff done with that...

    I am sure I have missed some, your milage may vary...


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    ccr65ccr65 Posts: 59member
    Doing landscapes in some of these apps may not be what you're looking for. Going to some of the 3D sites on the inernet like Renderosity might lead you to a solution. It depends on what is more important to you waiting for a render or the specialized nature of Bryce for generating landscapes. There are several landscape generators on PC that may also have Mac versions but I haven't looked into that in a while. I seem to remember a French company developing one for OSX.

    A good general 3D app is always a good companion to Bryce however.

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    ccr65ccr65 Posts: 59member
    The application I was thinking of is called vue-d'esprit. The URL is <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

    It is compatable with OSX.
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    jousterjouster Posts: 460member
    Thanks, y'all.
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