Safari: moving bookmark folders in bookmarks bar...duh?

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when i use Safari

i create bookmark folders

and place them in the bookmarks bar.

thats just the way i've always organized research.

when i try to reorder the bookmark folders

i choose "show all bookmarks"

and i try to drag the folders up and down.

but the folders

very often end up nesting

in other folders

as they are popped open

by the dragging of the moved folder over them.

it makes dragging and dropping very tedious.

there doesn't seem to be

any control over this in preferences.



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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    In the case where all of the entries are folders, changing the order from the "Show All Bookmarks" window is very tough.

    Since your concern is with the Bookmarks Bar, though, just drag the folders in the Bar itself.
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    regreg Posts: 832member
    If you are just trying to rearrange the positions of the folders that are in the bookmark bar, hold down the CMD/Apple key and drag the folder to where ever on the line you want it.

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    when i open:

    "Show All Bookmarks"

    there are 2 main fields;

    "Collections" & "Bookmark" {+ its associated address}.

    there is a brushed metal bar between the 2 fields.

    if you keep the cursor over the brushed metal bar area while dragging folders

    you can order them without opening other folders and accidentally nesting.


    holding down the "Command/Apple" key while dragging in the "Bookmark" field

    COPIES the folder to a new location.
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