The hand tool in InDesign stinks

in Mac Software edited January 2014
As much as I hate Quark, they have it right with the hand tool - the tool that moves the layout around.(I use that tool A LOT) Hit option, and you can "scrub" the page here and there.

With InDesign, that tool is the spacebar. That works fine in Photoshop and Illustrator, but when you're typing something and want to move the page around and you hit the spacebar, it messes up your text. Even worse if you have something selected. So InDesign lets you use the option key as the hand tool when you're typing. But if the arrow cursor is selected, forget it - you have to use the spacebar. And if the text tool is selected and you try to hit option to "scrub" the page, it creates a new text box.

So, depending where your cursor is, and where you are on the page, you have to decide between option and the spacebar to move your layout.


I want to like InDesign so much, and it has so many great features, but this quirk is sending me back to the other side.

Any ideas? Thanks.
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