Best web shopping cases.

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Hey guys, I'm doing a talk on web usability next week, and need some good examples of good web shops, and how they present their products. Apple is ofcourse a great case. But does anyone of you have any great personal favorites?

Any products will do, I'm looking for good user experiences.


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    And as an example of a site that I think does a good job with most of Tonton's criteria, might I suggest Other World Computing.
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    Originally posted by tonton

    The key to a good web shopping site, in my opinion is:

    * Fast, clear, detailed static images of every product, organized into clearly defined hierarchical categories. NO FLASH ABUSE! NO MUSIC!

    * Professional copywriting, editing, photography and design. No one wants to buy something from a company that presents amateur photos in an ugly website full of spelling errors. Hire professionals.

    * Customer testimonials to increase new customer confidence.

    * Fast, accurate shipping. -- WE WANTS OUR STUFF AND WE WANTS IT NOW!

    * Free shipping whenever possible -- NO HIDDEN CHARGES!

    * Great customer service, with a no questions asked return policy as much as is feasible. If you are afraid of people abusing your returns policy, minimize abuse by taking detailed records and refusing to deal with problem customers -- that's your right. The business gained due to customer loyalty and word-of mouth marketing thanks to a liberal returns policy will in almost every case greatly overshadow losses due to abuse.

    * Quality products at competitive prices, and be confident enough in your own service to be able to link to your competitors to allow shoppers to comparison shop. If you're more expensive than a cut-service competitor, explain why in a dignified way.

    That said, there's the opposite end of the strategy spectrum which is to sell really cheap products at a decent profit, mass market and ignore the customer loyalty and word-of-mouth issues. Make no mistakes - this can be highly profitable, assuming you stay out of court.

    hehe, lot's of good points here. Do you have any sites that you feel have acomplished this?
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    DIfferent users, different needs, different qualities.

    Teh site giving me the best buying experience is Their design sucks, the instructions sucks, the search function sucks. But the concept is brilliant.
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