Excel 2004 Crashing

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Hi all,

I have a Powerbook G4 1.25GHz, running 10.4.0, and today started having problems with Microsoft Excel 2004. Prior to this, all programs in the Office suite had been running smoothly for 1+ years.

I was working on a spreadsheet and attempted to change the format of the dates in various cells from mm/dd/yy to another format. I immediately got the spinning beachball of death, and I had to force quit Excel and restart.

Repeated the process several times on that spreadsheet, with the same crashing result each time.

Pulled up a different, already-created spreadsheet, same thing. Created a new spreadsheet, same thing.

Excel only seems to crash/become unresponsive when I have selected a cell, selected the option "Format Cells", and then select either "Date" or "Time" under the "Number" tab. In other words I can change the settings under any of the other tabs (e.g., Alignment, Borders, Protection) in the "Format Cells" worksheet without problem. I can also select any of the other categories under the "Number" tab (e.g., Text, Custom, General) without problem.

I have repaired permissions, deleted preferences, reinstalled Microsoft Office, all without success. Any ideas?

Thanks for your help.


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    Hmmm...wow, tough one. (Spam deleted - JL}

    You've already done everything I would have suggested.... Ummm.... So it's still doing this after you re-installed Excel? The ONLY thing I can think of is if you downloaded an Excel document from the internet and upon opening came up with the "Allow Cookies for this sheet"-ish warning and clicked "Allow" that maybe it somehow infected your app. HOWEVER, a re-installation of the program should have fixed that.

    If you've re-installed the entire Office Suite, try intalling just Excel (if that's possible...I'm not for sure.) If there's no gold with all this, we'll try to figure something else out.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Some more quick info...

    The spreadsheet was emailed to me, and may (I'm not sure) have been created by exporting data from a database into an Excel spreadsheet. In other words, I'm not sure it was data originally created in Excel. Would that matter?

    I emailed the spreadsheet to my wife, who has an iBook G4, and she was able to do all the date/time formatting that I was unable to do.

    I did not get any kind of message upon opening the file.

    I will try reinstalling just Excel today, if that's possible. Thanks for your response.
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    Originally posted by YellowLab

    I emailed the spreadsheet to my wife, who has an iBook G4, and she was able to do all the date/time formatting that I was unable to do.

    That means it might be your system date/time settings.

    Try making a new user account on your computer and using that account to edit the file. That will use the default system date/time formats.
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