Playing DVDs from ibook on TV

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My old G3 ibook came with a special cable that connected from the headphone jack to a TV's AV inputs - for using the ibook as a DVD player. I can't find the cable mentioned on the ibook specs, and I can't find the cable in the Apple store.

Does the ibook G4 still do this?


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    Yes... although Apple's "special" iBook cable was basically just a regular miniplug-to-Red/White/YellowRCA cable... except that they've switched which wire on the jack feeds which cable.

    Try a regular cable and swap the yellow, red, and white plugs on your TV.

    They did at one point change the plug socket slightly, so that the video out from the original Dual USB iBook wouldn't quite fit the socket of the 800MHz G3 model, but many users have noted that paying an Apple tax to get the 'custom' cable is silly once you realize that the internal wire swap can be solved by switching plugs with a bit of trial and error.

    The iBook G4 now uses the video out plug (not the minijack) and offers an intermediate video to s-video/composite cable. (still requiring a 3 split RCA plug for many TVs, but you can use a 'normal' RCA cable rather than a special Apple version for that bit.

    So to answer your question, yes you can find the old iBook cable, and yes the iBook G4 still does this, although in a slightly different way. Clear?
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    Thanks but I think I'm more confused!

    So with the latest G4 ibook, i have to taken an apple cable from the video-out, put a splitter cable on the end of that, then put a separate cable into the headphone output for sound, all just to go to the standard 3-RCA plugs found on all TVs (in the UK anyway).

    But on my ancient outmoded G3 600, there was a single elegant, included cable that took video *and* audio all from the headphone jack.

    i think the mess of (extra-cost) wires is a step backward
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    yeah, but using the apple video adapter on the ibook g4 does allow you to use s-video out rather than plain old composite, which gives a much better picture.

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