How to make Native mac Apps with Java

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Hi, I am a software engineer in college right now learning java, and I know there is a way to make my .class files from my java apps a native application in OS 10.4, however I have not been able to figure it out, if anyone could help me that would be great, I have download xcode kit and I have tried to the use the Jar Bundler, however I can never get it to work!




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    nttntt Posts: 18member
    There's no way to make it truly native with java, but you can use a native interface (Cocoa). To do this, create a Cocoa-Java application in XCode and import your java code into the project.

    Google around for tutorials on cocoa-java applications. There are limitations to cocoa-java that native Objective-C apps don't have... but it is still nice to have the cocoa interface.
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