PowerBook 667: Crash... weird beep temporarily missing partitions?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
my Powerbook 667,

with 3 partitions,

rarely crashes.

{knock on wood or wood-based product}

today it went down suddenly.

froze in the middle of returning an email.

force quit all open apps; browser, text, preview, mail, etc..

relaunched finder several times to no avail.

i tried to reboot...



held ctrl,cmd & power down several times and finally got it to kick.

it started to boot but gave this bizarre sounding beep i've never heard before.

it lasted almost 5 seconds long and was very loud, generic sounding, and yet unlike any other beep i've ever heard this machine make.

once started up,

the hard drive continued crunching through information for 5minutes straight and my 2 additional drive partitions did not mount.


i waited for the drive crunching to stop before doing anything.

i did a "find" and the additional partitions were not there. i was about to check sysem config and or reboot again when...


they appeared on screen.


i'm worried.
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