Airport question

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Since the most recent update from apple have any of you experienced less strength on your airport with the powerbook.

It seems like mine isn't picking up the signal as strongly as it was before the update.


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    I haven't noticed any difference, but it was never exactly stellar.
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    My reception has improved noticeably. I have a PM G4 MDD with Airport Extreme connected to a standard Wifi(G) router/ADSL modem.
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    igrantigrant Posts: 180member
    I must admit, that on my G4 iBook 1.33ghz, my wireless strength has improved all around, I get better downloads and I am usually on all 4 bars where ever I go. You might want to check to see where you wireless router is(if you are home), I had to move mine because of a closet with metal selves and once I did, it worked way better.

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