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I did something bad. I bought Madonnas latest. But "Hung up" just got to me. I am 30 years old and the early 80s disco beats came so early in my life that they became part of my tissue. And Madonna surely managed to incorporate many of the icon loops into the album in such a way that it sounds like those songs were the original source for them.

One good and one bad thing about the album. Have you ever tried to listen to, to take one, a Donna Summer album twenty years after you heard it last. The spirit is still there but the quality of the production. Oh boy. Sounds like they rushed it out the door without doing any quality control on the sound and you really don´t remember it was that bad. In many aspects Madonnas album sounds like you remembered the songs from back then because as the technological opportunities gets better ones expectation also rises to the production, also for older music (did that make any sense at all?) and of course it can´t live up to that. Much like "Mars Attacks!" was a great 50s sci-fi just like they would have made it back then, had they had the computers we have today. Madonnas album is in many aspects how the perfect disco album from the 80s would have sound had they had our techniques.

The bad: I had totally forgotten that, as an unbreakable rule, half of all songs on a mainstream album must be totally uninteresting.


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    I agree, Hung Up has a certain nostalgic appeal (I'm 32). I first heard it in the middle of the night once when I had trouble sleeping. Haven't heard the rest, but sad to hear it's not as interesting. Not exactly a fan of her hair, though. That look I don't miss so much.

    When we had hurricane Wilma go through and Miami was dark, I was in the backyard, in the pitch black dancing with my iPod to disco and older dance tunes from the 80s. Totally, unrelated, but I had to share.
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