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I need to make a poster. Are there any simple drawing apps (like Paint for Windows) for the mac? I seem to remember using MacDraw or something on an old Mac Classic years ago but there doesn't seem to be anything like it on OSX.


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    lupalupa Posts: 202member
    Well, you can always try using appleworks, but if that doesn't cut it for you, try this:


    Expression 3 beta, free from M$/Creature House, note that development has stopped but it's still pretty functional as a drawing app.

    [Edit: To be clear, this is absolutely a drawing/painting app, though I'm not very familiar with creative software, so I can't really say how it compares with others.]
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    brussellbrussell Posts: 9,812member
    I know it sucks that there aren't straightforward draw (or paints) apps like there used to be. But you could also try Omnigraffle.
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    regreg Posts: 832member
    It might take a little while but you could look what you want at OS X Apps . It has all sorts of apps that you might like under graphics. The one that I use the most for drawing is ArtRage .

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    There's Pixen 3...although, it's mostly geared towards drawing smaller pictures such as icons or sprites. Once the drawing becomes too big, the program seems to have a tough time.
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    rashrash Posts: 14member
    I was going to recommend Teal, but the developer's site is gone (as is the download location), so my next best recommendation is Seashore, which is also a basic paint program.

    A nice program to beatify your images is ImageWell. This isn't so much a paint program (although you can paint with it), but it has some features which might be useful (such as integration with .Mac). For a video introduction on ImageWell, see ScreenCasts Online episode 21.

    All programs I mentioned above are freeware.

    Have fun drawing
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    ethoxethox Posts: 34member
    you can download Teal here http://www.leynos.ukshells.co.uk/software/

    apparently the author is trying to keep it up, but he is now working a fulltime job as a filing clerk, nice application though, small and nimble, not a powerhouse, but still nice and free.
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    rashrash Posts: 14member

    Originally posted by EthoX

    you can download Teal here http://www.leynos.ukshells.co.uk/software/

    Thanks for that link. I tried some of the software directories (MacUpdate, Versiontracker), but those point to a non-existing server.
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    {help} {do you need it?}

    {you can have this}

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    maniamania Posts: 104member
    is your poster for a real event - like a symphony or major league baseball game? or is it for a kids birthday party? You didn't really say.

    If its a commercial, business, or otherwise real deal thing - you need Illustrator and a pro to use it.

    If its just some rinky dinky thingy then use powerpoint or something.

    Some of these other suggestions might work for something in between tho so check them out.

    Intent is very important here.
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