Finder Copy from CD errors

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Copying files from CDs on a Mac seems very finicky compared to doing the same thing on a PC. I have an iBook with Mac OS X 10.3.9 and i am getting all sorts of file copy errors when the same CD gives me absolutely no problem on a PC.

Also Mac OS X's so-called multitasking seems incredibly limited when it comes to handling IO: errors on the CD are causing the whole OS to freeze for extended periods of minutes or more. What the heck?? I can't ever remember seeing this kind of adverse effect of blocking IO on Windows (XP). This is really annoying.

I don't hold out much hope to solve the second problem as it seems to be too deep within OS X, but any help especially on the first item would be greatly appreciated.


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    cygsidcygsid Posts: 210member
    What's most annoying about the errors in the Finder's CD copy is that it doesn't just skip over the problem files but interrupts the whole copying process for the remaining files. When there are ten or more such faulty files, you can imagine the time it takes to copy all the "good" files by process of trial and error.
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