new G5 iMac and odd internet connection problem

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Hi all,

yesterday I bought a new G5 iMac to replace my current lampshade iMac. I connected the new G5 to the old one (acting under target disk mode) to install all my software and files.

The G5 connected to my airport network fine, once I told it the password. However there is a major problem with the connection.

If I do 'gentle' surfing eg browse Appleinsider, I have no problems. If i use Software Update and try and download, for example, iTunes 6.0.1 then it downloads perhaps the first 2 or 3 MB then loses the connection, with error code -1001.

I've used Skype for a 15 minute conversation with no problem (well, halfway through we were disconnected for 5 seconds but then reconnected the call).

Before I spend the evening on the line with Apple, does anyone here have an idea what can be going wrong? I have rebooted both my Airport and G5 to no avail. My Airport base station is the oriinal, not Airport Express.




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